LUX, as in light, is the essence of our architecture.

Bureau LUX (architecture and consult) is the architecture firm owned by Nicole Bemer-Weve and Henk Duijzer.

LUX represents a fresh approach and clear communication accompanied by precise agreements. A good relationship with our clients is essential in the approach of Bureau LUX. We combine our design skills with professional services. Our team of (interior) architects, designers and drafters will be delighted to get to work on your project.


Designing always starts with a clean sheet of paper. First of all we will discuss your wishes and expectations. What is your vision or dream? And how do you want to work or live? With this information we get to work.

The design is also informed by the context, thoughtful detailing and a delicate selection of materials. Characteristic for our projects is the spaciousness of the designs and the maximal use of natural light. Bureau LUX has the knowledge to refine the architecture from exterior to interior.



Bureau LUX offers counsel to professional and private investors.

For private investors we offer counsel in the design and building process. Whether it concerns renovation or construction of an entirely new building project or an extension of a private home. Besides the design process we are also proficient with the supervision of the building and construction process.

We advise professionals in the fields of housing and real estate. We help professionals to keep their real estate up-to-date, help to define their real estate investing strategy and assist in managing rental properties. The research and analysis on which we base our consults includes the spatial and structural consequences. In this way we aim to optimize the return on your investment.


Nicole Bemer-Weve – Architect
Henk Duijzer – Architect
Johan Terwisscha van Scheltinga – Draftsman
Marcel Jansen – Project Manager and Draftsman
Jesper Menting – Architect

in co-operation with:
Pieter Boerstra – Architect
Sjouke Posthumus – Project Manager and Draftsman
Wim Kristel – Architect and Draftsman
Pieter Roozendaal -Architect
Martine Blok – Interior Designer
Noortje Duijzer – Website Maintenance
Lokatio – Real estate agent


In our practice we combine creativity with professionalism. The real estate world is complex and requires specialized knowledge. Through solid partnerships with other professionals we are able to respond to your questions effectively. With our thorough approach we develop a comprehensive advice. With our broad network and a flexible and compact organization we are able to assist you with any project, large or small.

We value a personal approach. You deal with us directly, so the lines of communication remain short.



Every project has its own demands regarding sustainability. Each project deserves a unique solution considering it’s specific location and the personal wishes of the client.

We work with professional consultants and with the latest technologies. We are experienced with sustainable materials, solar panels, green roofs and heat pump installations. We design the flexible use of spaces and the life cycle of the project. We have experience with projects that focus on the shared economy and we work in projects were different generations live together and complement each other. We implement these strategies on renovations and new building plans for the construction of zero-energy homes and energy positive housing.


Collective Private Commissioning

With Collective Private Commissioning (CPO), the future residents are their own project developers. They are organized in a foundation and together they make the decisions on the development and building process. They select their own architect and contractor and they work directly with all professional parties involved in the building process. Future residents have a larger impact on the design of their own homes and together, as neighbours, on the layout of the (new) neighbourhood.

Bureau LUX has experience in the design role as well as an advisory role of CPO projects. In the advisory role we give guidance to the association in the process of project development and we design a collective plan in which the wishes of all parties are included.